Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Florence 16-Patch

I have been working on this 16 patch quilt made from a jelly roll of Denyse Schmidt Florence and an assortment of coordinating solids. There are so many great colors in the collection of prints, it was so fun choosing solids that either matched or complemented them.

For each jelly roll strip, I cut a 2 1/2" strip of solid then used the strip piecing method to create the blocks. I cut the print strip and solid strip in half and assembled them like this:

Turning each strip set creates the checkerboard style blocks. I made sure that all my blocks have a print square in the upper left corner. As you can see, each pair of jelly roll/solid strips will make two identical blocks. My quilt top has 48 blocks so I needed 24 jelly roll strips to make it.

At 48" x 64", I think I want it to be a bit bigger for an ample throw quilt. It may get a border before it is done!  How about a scrunchy shot to drink in all the yummy colors?!

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Tessa Marie

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  1. I love this Tessa.....amazing colours!!! Marie

  2. Your quilts are always all so nice!!

  3. I love the 16 Patch! I just finished up one too but it is a larger block than yours. You never can go wrong with Denise Schmidt fabrics. They are all so beautiful and so soft.Your quilt is so pretty.

  4. Pretty! I can't wait to see it quilted!

  5. Oooh gorgeous 16 patch! Such a simple way of doing it, I bet it comes together quite quickly once you get going. Love the photos too!

  6. this is great. so many seams to join and all meeting wonderfully, I find square harder than triangles to match so tend to avoid them!

  7. I still love it!! Such pretty colors!

  8. I love the mixture of solids and prints! The colors are gorgeous!

  9. I recently made this quilt using 4" strips. It is always amazing to me the difference that one pattern but two different fabric choices make in the final product. Good job!

  10. I just love this quilt - looks so wonderful sewn together. I can't wait to see it finished with a border - I know you'll pick the most wonderful fabric for it!!

  11. We found your blog via pinterest and became your newest followers! Come follow us back!


    Anna and Sarah

  12. Mixing different patches colors can turn out really great, specially if the colors you chose blend well together just like what you've did which is totally adorable, nice Sewing skills at all.


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