Friday, December 27, 2013

The Last Finished Quilt of the Year?

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! These last few weeks found me focused on Christmas shopping, decorating, baking, merry-making and in the middle of it all, my #1 baby graduated from college. It's all been a bit of a blur! I have however emerged from my holiday stupor to share a finish before 2013 comes to a close.

The fabric is Scrumptious from Bonnie and Camille for Moda, the pattern is Basket Case from Cluck, Cluck Sew and the piecing and quilting is from me. Enjoy!!

colorful modern handmade quilt

And on the flip side, this fabulous large scale floral in my favorite colors!

I did a loopy, all-over machine quilting and used the red diagonal stripe for the binding. I love diagonal stripes because you get the look of bias binding without the extra work!!

This pattern calls for 2 1/2" jelly roll strips, however I had a layer cake that worked out great. Here is a diagram of how I cut the pieces, two layer cake squares along with the solid background squares yield 2 blocks.

Sewing the blocks together was a bit fiddly at first - there was much seam ripping! Once I figured out a system, though, it got a lot easier. Each block has four components - I chain stitched each component for all the blocks and stacked them up on top of each other. That way, to make sure the pieces were turned in the right direction, I just had to match it to the one underneath in the stack. It saved a lot of time not having to refer back to the diagram again and again. I hope that makes sense, this photo shows my stacks...

I think this is a super cute pattern and a great use of a jelly roll or layer cake. I was a little grumpy that all the seams don't nest when sewing the units together (the pattern suggests pressing them all to the prints). I do enjoy nesting seams!! But I just pinned a lot and was careful with my 1/4" seam allowance and almost all the squares lined up perfectly.

Roly poly!!

Usually, I am hesitant to put my quilts in the wash. I love them when they are soft and crinkly, but I also love that brand new crisp look that is gone once it is washed. For some reason, though, I couldn't wait to put this one in the washing machine. I just felt like it needed to be crinkled!!

Snuggly goodness!!

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Happy Sewing,

Tessa Marie

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  1. This is a stunning quilt!! Love the fabric and design, thanks for sharing might need to add this to my "to make" list. :)

  2. I just finished a quilt with that fabric, I love it! I love this pattern you've used, so simple and cute.

  3. Hello Tessa Marie,

    This quilt is totally gorgeous. I keep wondering what I could make with strips, and this might just be the design to get me going!


  4. Your Scrumptious quilt is delicious! I love those prints against the white background. The pattern is perfect for these prints and the striped binding is such a compliment! Great job, Tessa! Looking forward to seeing what you create and share in 2014!

  5. This is so lovely! I agree that it is just perfect with that crinkled look.

  6. Love it! I'm really loving this fabric line, seeing a lot of great projects from it. And I've wanted to try this pattern but kept hesitating - it looks so complicated. But seeing your pieced pieces laid out for blocks makes me think I can do this.

  7. Beautiful! I love the crinkly goodness! Thanks for sharing your layer cake cutting diagram, too!

  8. Beautiful quilt ~ especially with the Scrumptious fabrics!

  9. Simply lovely. I am suprised to hear you had so much seam-ripping to do, in my mind your work is always perfection, I forget you are also human, haha! Thanks for sharing I come through each of your linky parties actually, lol!

  10. very nice would like to have a try at these blocks, not sure what size the scrap should be you have on the diagram? or what size the block should measure

    1. Margaret - the diagram represents a layer cake square which measures 10". First cut it into four 2.5" strips and then cross cut per the diagram.

  11. Beautiful quilt, the B&C fabrics work well and give your quilt such a fresh, spring look.

  12. It's beautiful. I have a jelly roll that I didn't know what to do with - now I do! Thanks. I always love how pretty quilts look right out of the dryer - I think that's when they're at their most beautiful.

  13. That's beautiful! Thanks for the added tips on how to use a layer cake. I always get muddled doing the maths! :-) Well done!

  14. What a beauty... love this line and I think this pattern really shows it off well. Great job!

  15. It's gorgeous!!! And it makes me happy that it was started Uphome!

  16. Beautiful quilt! Scrumptious is one of my favorite lines of fabric. Thank you for the inspiration!

  17. Beautiful quilt! Scrumptious is one of my favorite lines of fabric. Thank you for the inspiration!


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