Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Stash Link Up - Out of the Blue

It may be due to a decrease in brain cells as we age, but I entered a fabric giveaway at Quilt Matters and then completely forgot about it. Then, out of the blue, I got an email saying I won a $50 gift certificate from Mad About Patchwork. Sweet!! Even in Canadian dollars, that is a generous prize and I happily paid the extra postage to ship from Canada.

I stocked up a bit on fat quarters of some Oval Elements which make great blenders and are a nice change from polka dots.

Cranberry, green apple, sapphire, pink parfait, silver drops, french vanilla

These fat quarters fall into my latest favorite color scheme of gold, pale blue and gray.

Domino dot, starfruit - Florence four dots, malachite - Sketch, black - Sketch, gray

This fat quarter bundle was curated by Quilt Matters writer M-R herself!! She has great taste, don't you think?

Quilt Matters Fat Quarter Bundle

All these fabrics are available at Mad About Patchwork. Thank you so much for your generous giveaway.

I am linking up with Sunday Stash, which is being hosted today by the unstoppable Molli Sparkles. In fact, Josh will be taking over hosting duties for Sunday Stash beginning in January. I am sure he will have lots of fun in store for us!

Happy Stashing,

Tessa Marie

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  1. Awesome prize to win and you picked out lots of fun stuff to spend the money on!

  2. what a wonderful win, now we will wait to see what you do with these lovely fabrics no pressure

  3. Yay for winning! And great fabric choices!

  4. Oval Elements really are the way to go! Such an easy blender with so many colour options, and their texture is divine. We could totally be shopping buddies!


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