Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekender Progress

It's happening...I am working on my Weekender bag! I got some much needed motivation from my friends Chrissy and Christen who, along with Nicole at Modern Handcraft are hosting a Weekender Sew Along. It really helps to get tips from experienced "Weekenders" and watch their progress.

I have added handles, using black Essex linen. A decision I am not completely sure about and will probably second guess for the rest of my life, but sometimes you just have to go with something, you know?

I did make a change to the handles by making them longer and shorter at the same time. Confused? Well, I wanted a 12" drop so that the bag would go over my shoulder which would require making the handles longer. However, I also decided that  they didn't need to go all the way to the bottom edge (eliminating bulk in the bag seam) so I ended the straps 6" up from the bottom which required making them shorter. The net result was a 44" strip instead of the 48" the pattern calls for. So even though they are shorter, I have a longer drop. The ends of the handles are hidden within the pockets, so you can't even tell and it doesn't look weird.

The end pockets are done.

Another change I made to the pattern was to bind the pocket edges instead of using piping. Since I am using the quilt as you go method, it just made more sense to me to reduce the bulky seam allowance.

I can't resist showing you these little guys again...


So what's left? Piping, top panel, zipper, lining...hmmm, I still have a way to go, but I am determined to get it finished before the summer!! I think I can, I think I can...

What do you have in progress this week?

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Happy Sewing,

Tessa Marie

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  1. Great modifications - I tend to really gravitate to bags that can be slung from my shoulder. I like how the straps disappear into the pocket.

  2. I love the handles, they look nice and sharp against the bag.

  3. Me gusta todo pero sobre todo la combinaciĆ³n de telas. Son vistosas y bonitas. Felicidades.

  4. I made one of these a while back. It was well worth the time. Your QAYG panels look great! I can't wait to see the finished project.

  5. I absolutely love this bag Tessa, you've done an amazing job! Can't wait to see the finished product. This is a project that I'd love to tackle, but it looks it?

  6. The handles look great, really make the other colors pop, can't wait to see this finished. I'd really like to make one when I find time.

  7. what a great job you are doing here, not just a very useful bag but very pleasing to the eyes too

  8. I love the modifications you made! This is going to be gorgeous!

  9. Gorgeous! My pattern has arrived but unfortunately, all of my daughters (4) saw it over the weekend and have placed their orders! Will I ever get my own?

  10. Your pieces are just stunning so far!! I love all of your fabric choices, too. I have fabrics ready.... just need to get started on one for myself. You are inspiring!


  11. I applaud you for making the Weekender. I made it a couple of years ago--not my favorite experience. But I have learned so much I should probably give it another go some time. Yours looks fabulous!

  12. Awesome Tessa! Don't second guess the handles as I think they look great! Can't wait to see it finished.

  13. Don't second guess the linen-looks fantastic! I'm in the same boat-chugging along but feel so far from the finish line on this one...

  14. This is looking so good! I really want to make one of these...someday :)

  15. The colors are really great - love it.


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